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Uncertainty and speed is the new normal.  Resilience and presence are core competencies required in our global context today.

Our seasoned consultants partner with you to deliver practical, focused solutions.  Together we create conditions for leaders to learn, grow and expand as individuals and teams.   We can shift the culture to sustain a fresh and relevant set of leadership norms, behaviors and competencies.


What will be your new normal? 

Jumpstarts and Shorter Engagements: 

Leadership Meeting Design - we can co-design, develop and facilitate your next quarterly meeting or offsite- infusing the latest tools in leadership presence, resilience and focus training with strategic and operational planning work.

Vision, Values and Purpose Definition- we involve a cross-mix of your tribe to create a fresh picture of the future tied to your strategy. We synthesize executive and employee ideas and aspirations to create a compelling vision and a strong purpose. 

Core Values Clarification -not just an academic exercise, we engage employees and leaders to put language to core values that will drive behaviors, guide decisions and shape the culture.

Strategy Session for a 90-Day Runway- We work with teams for short, focused projects to develop 90-day strategies.

We enhance our consulting projects with optional sessions to Coach executives and high-potentials while they work on real business issues.

Organizational Change Strategy Development- we have extensive experience in creating successful change strategies for a variety of industries and geographies- no matter what the change drivers are.  Our methodology includes frameworks, scorecards, communication strategies, stakeholder engagement plans, impact assessments and readiness scorecards- you stay calm and cool when the big change arrives. 

No charge for brainstorming - contact us to see how we can help.
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