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We coach our clients to discover, grow, take risks, create, and flourish in today's world.

Our certified coaches are business leaders that are deeply trained in helping you increase your self-awareness, regulate your emotions, get clear on your purpose, and align your life and business to what matters.

Our coaching program has three components:

Discovery: Building Self-Awareness 

  • We get to know you, your leadership style, your preferences, attitudes, strengths, areas for development, aspirations and goals for the coaching program
  • We create a "look in the mirror" that helps you deepen your self-awareness and understand the drivers (often hidden) for your successes and setbacks.

Design and Plan: Blueprint for Action

  • Based on the business context and your roles, we help you get clear on your vision and desired outcomes for the coaching engagement
  • We co-create with you a Blueprint for Action to increase your capacity, build new skills, let go of limiting patterns, and begin practicing new habits.
  • Strategies, actions and mind & body practices are part of the whole-leader development plan
  • Practice and growth begins - you develop effective skills, mindsets and neural pathways that become your new "default" patterns that lead to greater productivity, collaboration, connection and well-being.

 Thrive and Sustain: Regular Coaching Sessions

  • Our clients choose in-person, phone or Zoom/Skype sessions
  • Structure, accountability and confidential feedback are what we need and rarely get
  • You learn to become the witnessing observer to your own thoughts and actions, deepening your leadership skills and grounded presence
  • Strategies and actions are created to keep you focused while navigating complexity, politics and uncertainty

Team Coaching & Facilitation

PurposeBlue seasoned coaches are expert facilitators and skilled team coaches.

  • Intact Teams: We can uncover the dysfunctional team patterns that are blocking productivity and create breakthroughs in team dynamics. We use Appreciative Inquiry and Solutions-Focused Coaching methods to amplify what is working.
  • During times of transition or challenge, you can be a voice in the room and leave the coaching and facilitation to us.

A sample of scenarios that we have been retained as coaches:

  • navigating organizational change
  • developing mindfulness and resilience for today's world
  • increasing effectiveness in a new company or new position
  • launching a new initiative
  • increasing productivity as demands increase
  • managing energy versus managing time to increase productivity
  • aligning a culturally diverse, global team
  • moving to the next level; changing jobs

Contact us to see if coaching is a good fit for you. Brainstorming calls are on the house.  

"I couldn't have done it without her!"

- Executive Producer, Filmmaker, 41 on 41

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