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Daisy Hilliard

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Virginia Hilliard, also known as Daisy, is dedicated to exploring organizational cultures and behavior to enhance human performance and experience in the workplace. Prior to joining PurposeBlue, Daisy explored the study of human potential in Oregon, learning human behavior patterns and communication techniques through Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Humanistic Neuro-Linguistic Psychology (NLP/HNLP) training.

Daisy graduated from Washington College with a degree in Psychology and Business Management. She finished with an independent, experimental research study focused on using self-focused attention and mindfulness to optimize performance and productivity for organizations and their employees. Her experience includes internships at Baltimore’s Advertising Firm, MGH, Inc. and New York City’s top Public Relations Agency, Sharp Communications, Inc. She also received her certification as a Corporate Wellness Specialist soon after graduating college.

Daisy continually grows her mindfulness practice and knowledge of everyday, brain-based techniques to enhance emotional intelligence and human potential. If she is not reading up on the subject, you will find her running, skiing or somewhere outside.

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