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Paul Mentag

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Paul is skilled at helping clients navigate the stress-inducing demands of the modern workplace and enabling them to operate with focus, clarity and insight. Blending recent neuroscience findings in emotions and leadership, Paul provides his clients with a 21st Century roadmap of tools to operate with confidence, joy, and enhanced focus. He brings a wealth of experience in leadership and organization development, mindfulness, and practically to his engagement with global clients. He is a long-term contributor to executive education programs at top business schools in Boston and France.

Paul began his professional life as a photojournalist with the U.S. Coast Guard. Upon the completion of his military service, he became the General Manager at Northeastern University’s executive education conference center. He is on the delivery team of several long-standing leadership training programs helping his participants integrate life and work successfully. With a long-standing meditation practice, Paul believes that effective leaders are highly self-aware individuals who can inspire others to achieve their potential and generate desired business results.

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