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"I hired Laurie as a personal coach to develop a vision and plan for how to re-energize my professional career as an art historian and philanthropist.  Laurie helped me define a clear commitment and vision and see the bigger picture of my purpose. I have experienced a huge change from last winter when I believed that my writing days were over, my professional network wasn’t strong enough and my experience wasn’t recent. I have to think that most of this comes from my work with Laurie beginning last summer and into the new year.

With Laurie as my coach I experienced major changes. From my coaching sessions I learned about making small-bite goals, committing to taking calming breaks and making sure I am doing things that I am passionate about regularly during intense work periods of writing or planning talks or tours. Laurie encouraged me to learn mindfulness meditation and guided me through custom sessions in our coaching. I am sure that meditating, which I don’t do as much as I would like but still, two or three times a week if possible, is hugely helpful.  Laurie taught me the power of the mind and body and how I can make changes in the way I respond to life with practice. Almost naturally now I stop and pay attention to how my body and heart are feeling when I start to panic or feel nervous, annoyed or low. My career has taken off. Two recent contemporary essays are done and were very happily received, the gallery tour went well, and that I am hard at work trying to pull another short-term request into an essay for the summer exhibition catalog in a museum in Berlin.  In addition, the curator at a significant museum wants me to do my own  exhibition in the fall of 2015.  It is really unbelievable.  And I am noticing that while I still get vaguely distraught and writer’s blockish when finishing these essays, I don’t torture myself the way I used to. At a recent museum advisory council meeting, I am usually quiet and let the well-known curators talk.  I was so relaxed and unafraid of asking questions which everyone else seemed quite grateful for and led to a rich discussion. I was able to tap into the leadership mode which was natural for me in other positions and Laurie helped me transfer into these newer roles. I have a portfolio of gratifying work now that includes curating, writing, speaking, tours and publishing."

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