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M. J. Govaerts, Applied Biosystems Executive

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"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Laurie Cameron as her client during an expedited enterprise software implementation at Applied Biosystems, a leader in biotechnology research and manufacturing.   As a client and partner team we were responsible for transforming an organization focused on Research & Development and manufacturing, to a state of the art business systems & applications software.  Laurie and her team quickly assessed our needs, which were many, and developed customized organizational change solutions for our employees & management lines, but most importantly for our executive leadership team.  Through revolutionary change that was executed with precision and with enough personalization that each and every person understand the impact of the change, as well as their role in leading and ensuring its success, in as little as 12 months we had successfully converted the way that >500 people performed their work, with no down time or negative impact to our customers or our P&L.  We further used these learnings as we globalized our implementation through Europe, Asia, and our emerging countries.   Laurie not only provided the change leadership methodology and the tools that we needed to ensure success of the projects which she was engaged to lead, but made sure that the knowledge and tools were available and replicable for us to use in the future.  Laurie’s leadership, her commitment to our organization, and the coaching and knowledge that she shared with myself and our leadership team, has been the model with which I have continued to leverage my change management efforts on other high profile initiatives I have been charged to lead."

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