Self-mastery for individuals and culture change for teams, companies and schools.  Experience personal transformation and organizational growth with our training, workshops and presentations. Combine training with coaching and in-house coaching circles to ensure sustainable performance.


Transforming Individuals, Teams and Companies Through Mindfulness

PurposeBlue's  Mindfulness at Work programs are the next wave in developing mindful leaders and mindful cultures. We combine neuroscience, emotional intelligence and mindful awareness to build new skills, rewire the brain and create powerful new habits.

Our Mindfulness at Work offerings are designed with flexible learning modules that can be delivered to fit into your existing meetings, conferences and leadership curriculums. We integrate our mindfulness teaching and tools with existing teams, newly formed cohorts and open enrollment classes.  We offer live training events, online webinars, an online video and audio learning platform, and mindfulness coaching.

90-minute Keynotes, 1/2 Day Workshops and 3-Day Leadership Intensives.

Programs Include:

  • Mindful Leadership
  • Navigating Strategic Culture Change
  • Mindfulness and Well-Being at Work
  • Conscious Communication
  • Building Resilience with Mindfulness
  • Increasing Leadership Presence
  • Introduction to Mindfulness at Work

Bring PurposeBlue’s custom mindful leadership programs to your company. Contact us to learn more.



Cultivating Purpose-Driven Performance in Teams

Sometimes carving out space and time is the only way to create alignment, clarify strategies and gain new perspectives.  We build capacity within our clients by facilitating well-designed team working sessions that accelerate strategy clarification and leadership growth. Our consultants and coaches are former management consulting experts that know business, management, team dynamics, human development and performance. We integrate conscious leadership and mindfulness into decades of proven methods that work for teams.

We create conditions that allow for clear conversation, truth, collaboration and connection- the essential elements of strategic and organizational alignment. We use a proven, spiral session design that carefully builds a deeper and more open context for examining the limiting beliefs, assumptions and attitudes that often block leaders from seeing other points of view. We use the Theory U approach that helps suspend the voices of judgment, cynicism and fear that get in the way of compassionate listening, openness to new possibilities, and creation of innovative solutions.

Examples of Team Breakthrough Sessions We Have Facilitated:

  • Building a Shared Vision and Purpose
  • Developing an Accelerated Change Roadmap
  • Clarifying Strategy
  • Mindful Communication
  • Resolving Conflict and Increasing Collaboration



Cultivating Well-Being in Teachers, Students and Parents

We love working with teachers and students. Schools today are dynamic and complex, where teachers have to do more with less and students are tested, scheduled and pressured more than ever. PurposeBlue teaches mindfulness-based emotional intelligence in K-12 schools and in universities.

Our proprietary curriculum is designed around 8 core modules that integrate research-based concepts and evidence-based tools and practices. We deliver our curriculum in faculty and staff training sessions, in school leadership team meetings, in grade-level assemblies, in-classroom teaching, and in parent and community workshops. At the university level, we deliver keynotes and seminars on campus, at higher-education conferences, and the business school.

We have taught mindfulness to over 1500 students and 500 faculty.

Contact us to learn more about how we can bring focus, emotional mastery, attention-training and well-being to your school or university.

Interested in learning more about teaching mindfulness to kids? We can show you how. Contact us. 



Born and tested at Google, bringing mindfulness-based emotional intelligence to companies worldwide

Bring the world's leading mindfulness program to your company. As part of the first Search Inside Yourself teaching cohort in 2014, PurposeBlue's founder Laurie Cameron is a Certified SIY Teacher and has taught programs and delivered keynotes at Google, Sunovian, TE Connectivity, Cisco, MJM Creative, among others. Laurie also teaches the Search Inside Yourself Public Program in cities around the world, including New York, London, Washington, DC, Paris and Copenhagen.

We can bring Search Inside Yourself to your company as a 90-minute keynote, a 1/2 day program, a series of four sessions, or the full 2-day program delivered as one event. Our clients have different needs and cultures- and we are flexible in how we partner to shape the best experience for each client.

Want to bring a Search Inside Yourself keynote or program to your organization? Contact us to find out how.



"Laurie worked with us to strengthen our leadership team effectiveness in the context of re-invigorating our strategy. Laurie is a whole-hearted leader, coach and facilitator. She opens her heart and shares what is really happening in the room- and does it in a way that is both caring and courageous.   She uses discipline and pragmatic methods (like her Strategic Leadership Blueprint) in working with our team, but does so with a level of wisdom and presence that is rare today. We made a shift in how communicate, we created new leadership disciplines and ramped up our focus on the essential strategic imperatives."

IT Executive, High Tech

"Laurie worked closely with us to re-focus our company during our annual leadership retreat. The work she did in advance to understand our strategy, culture and challenges laid the groundwork for a highly effective offsite design. She is committed to tailoring her solutions to client needs, and it shows in her work. She also provided observations and key ideas from the retreat and held follow-up discussions so we could maintain the traction and progress we had.  Laurie is a terrific person with outstanding listening and facilitation skills- she is a pleasure to work with."

VP, Energy Services

"Laurie worked with our leadership team to help us get “unstuck” from ways that were blocking our ability to execute. Laurie has the wisdom gene- she can sense what is really going on in a difficult conversation and ask just the right questions to create a breakthrough. She led us through a process of team development workshops that got us to open up, see each other in a new light, and accelerate our ability to implement our strategic initiatives."

Senior Executive, Pharmaceutical Industry
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