Uncertainty and complexity are the new normal.  

Resilience, focus, and presence are core competencies required in our global context today. Mindful Leaders know how to return to a grounded, centered presence no matter what the day brings. Mindfulness involves learning mental strategies, mindsets and habits that can be used on demand - and ultimately become a new default way of being.

Mindfulness is simply paying attention, on purpose, in the present moment, to yourself, others and your surroundings, with openness, curiosity and kindness.

Want to bring the skills of mindfulness to your organization?

Our seasoned mindful leadership facilitators will work with you to deliver practical, experiential programs at the intersection of mindfulness, neuroscience, positive psychology and leadership.

Together we create conditions for leaders learn, grow and expand as individuals and teams. We can shift the culture to sustain a fresh and relevant set of leadership norms, behaviors and competencies that can help you collaborate, innovate and thrive.

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"I hired Laurie as a leadership strategy consultant. We needed a framework to build more cohesion and shared focus. Our leadership team is made up of senior people from regions all over the globe. The team dynamics are rich and complex. Laurie has a level of professionalism that is both confident and relaxed, firm and compassionate, and challenging and supportive. We were in a senior team transition period that was quite sensitive due to the background hum of succession questions. Laurie was able to allow executives to have the conversations that needed to be held, and facilitate the communication so that we could address issues as a team, see where we were going, and move forward with clear actions and accountability."

Health Sciences SVP

"Laurie was our change strategy consultant and my trusted coach during a organization and technology change project. Laurie is very creative, organized, trustworthy and articulate. She can share her thoughts and feelings clearly and effectively which built trusted relationships and led to the success of our project. I felt inspired in learning and being more creative. Laurie is a deep listener.  She cares, listens well and learns from her broad experiences how best to support different types of leaders. Laurie is a doer; she can set goals and make a plan and achieve them effectively. With her mindfulness training and practices in addition to her business expertise she is even more of a whole and complete balanced person and inspires that in others. "

C. Yoder, Engineering Executive and Ordained Dharma Teacher by the Vietnamese Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh

"I worked with Laurie during a year-long change leadership consulting engagement. Laurie’s  creativity and ability to easily navigate strategic relationships shined with our client. Laurie brings openness and insightful thinking which allows leaders to shift perspectives, challenge limiting assumptions and constrained views to explore how things could work in a more integrated and successful way."

J. Porcari, Partner, Third River Partners

"I had the pleasure of collaborating with Laurie Cameron as her client during an expedited enterprise software implementation at Applied Biosystems, a leader in biotechnology research and manufacturing.   As a client and partner team we were responsible for transforming an organization focused on Research & Development and manufacturing, to a state of the art business systems & applications software.  Laurie and her team quickly assessed our needs, which were many, and developed customized organizational change solutions for our employees & management lines, but most importantly for our executive leadership team.  Through revolutionary change that was executed with precision and with enough personalization that each and every person understand the impact of the change, as well as their role in leading and ensuring its success, in as little as 12 months we had successfully converted the way that >500 people performed their work, with no down time or negative impact to our customers or our P&L.  We further used these learnings as we globalized our implementation through Europe, Asia, and our emerging countries.   Laurie not only provided the change leadership methodology and the tools that we needed to ensure success of the projects which she was engaged to lead, but made sure that the knowledge and tools were available and replicable for us to use in the future.  Laurie’s leadership, her commitment to our organization, and the coaching and knowledge that she shared with myself and our leadership team, has been the model with which I have continued to leverage my change management efforts on other high profile initiatives I have been charged to lead."

M. J. Govaerts, Applied Biosystems Executive