What We Believe

Purpose flows through everything- the choices we make, the conversations we have, the investments of our time, money and energy, the partners we choose, the tribes we build and the clients we serve. We move with mindfulness and act with intention, and this is what we believe:

Everything in life can be approached as a mindfulness practice, to be more present, more engaged, more generous and more joyful.

Interconnectivity.  We are all connected. We are conscious in how our decisions affect all living systems and beings, and work with clients to be more conscious in their own life and in their business. We express our gratitude and joy freely to everyone in our ecosystem- and are fueled by how it flows back to us and back out again.

Friendliness. We approach the world with friendliness and playfulness. We believe in the inherent goodness in others - we give people the benefit of the doubt. We know the seeds of happiness are present in each moment- we look for the good, we generate positivity and spread it around. It is not about smiley-aspirations, but a true capacity to aim our attention on the good, the beautiful, the creative, the wonder - and amplify it.

Direct experience. Mindfulness, backed by evidence-based practices and your own personal direct experience, is a clear path to higher emotional intelligence and peak performance. We give you the content, the tools and the guidance to get there.

Self-awareness. Mindfulness creates higher-resolution self-awareness. Self-awareness is the foundation for knowing what is most essential, knowing your strengths and living in alignment with your purpose.

Purposeful. Our strategies, tools and practices have a variety of intentions: some for focus, some for compassion, some for self-awareness, some for managing emotions, some for listening, some for joy, some for connection…and so on.

Experimentation. Practice with experience, balanced with teachings, reflection, and insight is the foundation for growing. Effective learning comes not from downloading information but from trying new mindsets, skills, and ways of seeing in the laboratory of your own life.

Sustainability. We don’t believe in “one-and-done.” For learning to be sustainable, ongoing practice, routines and positive mental habits are essential. We know the keys to stickiness.

Thriving. The world will not become less volatile, complex or uncertain. We have to be able to flourish in uncertainty, to see possibilities, to focus in the fog and lead towards a vision. We shape our experience and our teams, culture and society shapes us. We bring consciousness to the shaping. We turn on the lights and teach leaders how to influence and act with wisdom.

Empathy and Compassion. We are in the Age of Empathy. Seeing others as "like us," opening our hearts to take meaningful action, and thinking of “we” instead of “I” is what our global world needs now.