We love to collaborate to create breakthrough results. We have worked with leaders from countries all over Europe and the Americas and can coach, train and consult with compassion. We understand the environment that our clients move in - the fast-paced, tech-saturated global world. We help leaders create a mental space to be more resilient, more resourceful and more productive.   They learn to let go of deeply ingrained beliefs and patterns and make profound shifts in effectiveness. From here they create the next brilliant solution. Click on the logos to see snapshots of our experience.


Sometimes being successful can get in they way of growth. That was the challenge Laurie and her team faced when designing a global leadership development program for accenture's partners coming from unique geographical cultures. By developing a vision of a leader that reflected the firm's strategy and desired culture, linked to values and behaviors, they created a fresh model of leadership built on increasing self-awareness, self-management and empathy. By pulling in thought leaders in experiential training design, leadership, executive coaching and action learning, the team launched a global learning journey. The leadership development work was relevant and practical: tied to the firm's business context, each partner's role, and the necessary abilities in emotional intelligence to allow the partnership to evolve with the changing global reality.


AES Eletropaulo

It is no cakewalk being an energy company in Brazil. Between extreme currency fluctuations, political challenges and environmental concerns, Eletropaulo was managing in a very complex environment. Laurie and her team developed an organization change strategy that would accelerate the implementation of enterprise business software, new business processes and a streamlined way of working. Laurie coached key executives in engaging key stakeholders, strategic messaging to create ownership, and in surfacing resistance to change that could then be addressed by the team.



What makes a trusted advisor? Laurie partnered with three senior executives from Chevron for a year-long organizational transformation project. Each leader was the credible, key influencer leading a business unit that would be highly affected by a major change. Laurie coached the executives in becoming the voice of change, shaping the new culture, organizational roles, and comprehensive change network that created a "pull" instead of a push when the new solutions went live.



Driving one hour north of Sao Paulo, Brazil, you arrive at the awe-inspiring airplane hangars of the leading aviation company in Latin America. Laurie Cameron and her team developed a strategy for organizational change enabled by new enterprise-wide technology, accelerating the speed for new heights in human performance. The team mapped out an engagement plan for key stakeholders, a communication plan with core messaging and involvement, and a training plan to get the right people able to make the mindset shifts and learning new skills to thrive in the new environment.



How do you bring the top 200 leaders together from all parts of the world, make it strategic, collaborative and valuable? Design a global leadership conference that engages, aligns, and inspires across languages, geographical differences and cultural values. Strengthen the platform of shared purpose, vision and strategy. And hold the meeting in the beauty and history of Rome.



When GlaxoWelcome needed an organization change strategy that could articulate a compelling story of their new vision, overcome resistance, and engage the hearts and minds of employees from two recently merged companies, Laurie worked with the team in the UK to put together the plan. The company executed with focus, heart and new leadership skills that reflected where they were heading with their newly integrated culture.



What happens when the most recognizable ketchup brand in the world wants to launch a new company? Laurie and her team created an innovative change and communication plan and an organization evolution strategy and roadmap that mapped out the human side of the business journey from an idea to an operating company. Laurie partnered with brand presidents over a 20-month period to co-create a desired culture for a new company with a mission to deliver happiness to customers across all Heinz brand companies from one new single point-of-contact.



A Fortune 100 company dedicated to delivering pharmaceuticals, medical supplies and innovation healthcare solutions navigates complexity with operational excellence every day. When they needed a strategy to navigate mindset, behavior and culture change, Laurie partnered with executives in Marketing, Sales, and HR to develop a Change Network of top influential leaders throughout the company to drive the change. By coaching the executives in understanding the organizational impacts, identifying key areas of resistance, designing a strategic communication plan spanning 18 months and multiple geographies, and customizing her proven Business Readiness scorecard process, the executives shifted to new ways of thinking and working that accelerated the business changes needed to continue as industry leaders.


PE Applied Bio

Was it growing up as the daughter of a rocket scientist that sparked the love of coaching and consulting scientists and engineers? While working side-by-side for nearly a year with the industry leaders at Perkin Elmer Applied Biosystems, Laurie led a vibrant team of Change Leaders to design a strategy for organizational change to enable PE AB to evolve to the next stage in organizational and business growth. Laurie coached her PE executive co-leader to articulate the bigger "why" of the strategic change, describe with clarity the changes and their impacts, create a compelling business case, and tie team rewards to business benefits achieved. The individuals, teams and organization as a whole made up the three levels of systemic change that was so successful that results exceeded high client expectations, and the entire team was treated to a holiday in Hawaii.

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