our purpose

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Experience this mission come to life with Founder of PurposeBlue, Laurie J. Cameron's book published by National Geographic, The Mindful Day: Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy From Morning to Evening available now.

Why PurposeBlue?

We launched PurposeBlue in 2009 because the world has moved into a new era: always-on, complex, volatile and moving at increased velocity. Our clients are challenged with distractions, disruptions, emerging technologies and a need to be agile, adaptable and focused. We get it. We are experienced former business executives and management consultants that have built a bridge to translate mindfulness into practical, applicable tools and mental strategies to create sustained performance in today's world.

Our Mindful Leader framework teaches leaders how to increase their presence, become more self-aware, and lead from a place that is not reactive to what is happening but responsive based on being grounded, centered and conscious.

We are dedicated to providing insights, practices, skills and tools to help people thrive today. Our expertise is in human development, performance and culture change, and we coach and develop using the research, teachings, methods and tools that have personally transformed our lives and those of our clients.

Backed by science and experience, we know how to increase the capacity of our clients by doing the inner work of leadership. We teach leaders how to truly be present, connected and mindful and lead from purpose.  We know that purpose creates focus, meaning, energy and alignment, and yields outstanding performance results.

We help leaders learn how to create more resilient, sustainable, and life-enhancing lives and businesses

driven by purpose and creating value for all stakeholders. 


Purpose is the "why" that drives the bigger story -  the greater mission that is bigger than a company or any one individual.  We help leaders become more self-aware, connect to the heart of purpose, and increase their capacity to lead.

We know that mindfulness and purpose are not just important, but essential.  Purpose drives strategy, alignment and culture. Mindfulness is a fundamental capacity for leaders to respond with intention, clarity and presence.


Blue is clarity. A clear blue sky. The expansiveness of a blue ocean. We teach our clients how to center in the mind and body to cultivate stillness and presence on demand. What emerges is the clarity to see what new actions to take and what choices to make that creates sustainable results for our lives and the future. Our clients learn to respond, not react. The ability to return to a clear, grounded presence in any situation builds incredible confidence. We develop Mindful Leaders.

Purpose with presence and clarity - this is PURPOSEBLUE.