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Our Approach
We have the potential to be high performing, compassionate and grounded, even during high-stress situations and challenging times. Success and well-being require mental clarity, self-awareness, focus and the ability to connect deeply with others.

Looking for a way to enhance mental performance, release stress, improve decision making and effectiveness, and let go of habits that aren’t serving you? PurposeBlue’s Mindful Leader programs introduce you to the science and key practices that build your capacity for attention, compassion, self-awareness, resilience, positive outlook and connection.

Why PurposeBlue?
In our live, in-person keynotes and learning programs, you’ll learn practices from national mindfulness experts, certified with Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute born at Google – trained by neuroscientists and psychologists to bring you the concepts, exercises and practices for achieving human potential and increasing well-being. You can rest easy with PurposeBlue. With an experiential program that is backed by research, our in-company programs usually “sell-out” within a day of being posted, and we have a track record of consistently receiving the highest-level ratings. Participants will be skillfully guided through an interactive program that combines mindfulness, neuroscience, guided meditation, and practical strategies for generating calm, clarity, well-being and joy. We inspire real change with talks for groups ranging from 10 to 10,000.

Some Speaking Topics

  • The Power of Mindfulness
  • Waking Up from Autopilot
  • Centering for Presence
  • Self-Compassion: The New Superpower
  • Powering Down, Powering Up: Strengthening a Positive Outlook
  • Co-Mindfulness: Listening Differently
  • Motivation: Knowing Your Why
  • 5 Keys to Mindful Leadership
  • Search Inside Yourself: Mindfulness-based Emotional Intelligence
  • Women in Leadership: Increasing Impact with the Power of Mindfulness
  • Mindful Parenting
  • How to Increase Leadership Presence
  • 3 Keys to Building Resilience
  • Navigating Complex Change
  • Defining Your Purpose

Let us share our unforgettable stories that reveal how to develop focus, resilience and purpose.

True transformation requires more than just talk. We ignite new ways of thinking and doing with talks that create shifts in mindsets and actions. Audiences leave with both inspiration and clear actions.

Laurie Cameron, the founder of PurposeBlue, will light up your audience with storytelling, experiences and practical how-to advice.

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"Laurie’s presentation on Leading and Living Mindfully was eye-opening and transformative. The biggest impact came from her personal presence- she embodies what she is teaching and can hold silence and tell stories in a packed room with riveted attention. She clearly teaches neuroscience research and how it can help us be better at leadership and life."

K. Beaumont, Attorney

"The most transformative speakers reach deep into the heart of their audience to uncover that essential yet undiscovered part of ourselves. That's what Laurie does. As a presenter and storyteller, she offers insights that dislodge the change and growth her listeners long for, and brings these to the surface in a memorable and lasting way."

C. Finney, Professional Mediator and Art of Spiritual Storytelling Program Director, RRUUC