The Art and Science of Being Fully Alive

Spring Mindfulness Virtual Retreat

March 13, 2021


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Do you feel unmoored in the turbulence and overwhelm in these strange times? 

You are not alone.

During times of change, challenge and uncertainty, humans have gathered around the fire for reflection, wisdom, and connection. These are those times. How to respond? With a wonderful teacher and friend, I’ve been sitting in that question. We have been working together, designing a way forward, an offering that could bring together the best of what we have seen strengthen our private and corporate clients, and deliver it all in a whole new way. It’s here! Through a series of retreats and a learning journey of community leaders, wisdom holders and lovers of life, my partner and I, with you, will create a circle of belonging and experience the capacity of the heart to feel more fully alive.

From this strengthened and expanded capacity, your ability to flourish in difficulty grows, along with your ability to live and lead from a wise heart.

Join me with my long-time teaching partner Lori Schwanbeck as we begin with a day-long virtual Spring mindfulness retreat. With experiential, powerful, life-nourishing practices, you’ll come home to inner calm, true insight, deeper meaning, innate joy and well-being.