Workshop: Learning to Breathe, Mindfulness for Teens

Washington, D.C.

December 2, 2018

Washington DC 20016

Registration: Contact our team at to find out more. Both parents and Children encouraged to attend.

Description: Bring your teen or teens and join Laurie Cameron for a workshop on mindfulness that can be enjoyed, understood and appreciated by you and your family. Mindfulness is about purposefully paying attention in the present moment with curiosity and kindness. A growing body of evidence suggests that mindfulness can be beneficial to teens in a number of ways, such as strengthening concentration and empathy. Teens can learn how to cultivate calm, increase self-confidence and develop self-compassion when navigating difficult emotions or when under pressure.

Teenagers may see mindfulness as unrelated to their busy and connected lives. Yet when they learn how the brain works, they report that mindfulness training is like getting an owner’s manual for the mind. Due to neuroplasticity — mindfulness practice can actually transform our brains, the way exercise can transform our bodies. Teens can engage in practices to generate mental space so that they can respond versus react and make more skillful choices.

Join us for Mindfulness for Teens. Learn the foundation of mindfulness and experientially learn practices that teens (and parents) can immediately start using in their daily lives – at school, in sports, at work, and in relationships. Laurie will start with the basics of mindfulness, and guide teens in training attention, how to re-set and re-center on demand, and how to meet failures and setbacks with compassion.