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Laurie J Cameron

The world, and you, are complex and constantly changing.

Lead from a clear, wise, center within.

Transformational Personal and
Professional Leadership Development

Cultivate inner calm, focus and self-compassion

with this 10-minute guided meditation from Laurie J. Cameron

Live and virtual guidance from experts

For Organizations

PurposeBlue works at the intersection of mindfulness, emotional intelligence, neuroscience and culture. We bring highly-rated learning programs, retreats and keynotes that integrate science-backed strategies and with everyday practices that are clients call life-changing. We create conditions for personal and cultural transformation and flourishing. 

For Individuals

We are deeply seasoned experts in transformational growth and human flourishing. We guide you in a journey of self-discovery, to release old patterns and achieve new levels of alignment, meaning and joy. Our Deep Retreats help our clients clarify intentions, deepen self-awareness & compassion, to expand capacity for inner peace and freedom. 

Leadership Coaching

Coaching is the fastest way to unlock potential, develop new capacities, and sustain peak performance. Our seasoned coaches provide compassion and accountability to help you thrive.

Mindful Leader Programs

Learn how to develop a high performance mind that can step back, create mental space and be fully present. Mindful leaders are able to engage, adapt and awaken innovation. We teach the mindsets, skills and tools that show you how.


We give you strategies, coaching and tools using a variety of digital media. Our on-demand resources are available when you need them for higher performance and greater levels of well-being.
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"Laurie worked with us to strengthen our leadership team effectiveness in the context of re-invigorating our strategy. Laurie is a whole-hearted leader, coach and facilitator. She opens her heart and shares what is really happening in the room- and does it in a way that is both caring and courageous. She uses discipline and pragmatic methods (like her Strategic Leadership Blueprint) in working with our team, but does so with a level of wisdom and presence that is rare today. We made a shift in how communicate, we created new leadership disciplines and ramped up our focus on the essential strategic imperatives."

IT Executive, High Tech

“The Mindful Monday's series that Laurie Cameron conducted with our organization were truly a blessing, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting the week with Laurie helped me stay focused, release stress and allowed me to learn techniques that I could use not only throughout the week, but in general through life to remain calm, focused and stay in a positive mindset.”

Principal Consultant, Software Company

“Our PurposeBlue program had the perfect balance of mindfulness for wellbeing and mindfulness for performance. Equally impressive, the program balanced sophisticated concepts with practical tips to bring mindfulness practices to our workdays.”

Director of Sales, Software Company

"I have had the opportunity to attend Laurie Cameron's course on mindfulness and read her book. I highly recommend it."

Deloitte's Oracle HR Transformation Leader

"I hired Laurie as a leadership strategy consultant. We needed a framework to build more cohesion and shared focus. Our leadership team is made up of senior people from regions all over the globe. The team dynamics are rich and complex. Laurie has a level of professionalism that is both confident and relaxed, firm and compassionate, and challenging and supportive. "

Health company Senior Vice President

"I want to say thanks. This was the most polished and well thought out presentation/training that I have participated in my now zoom/virtual platform inundated existence. I mean this not just concerning mindfulness, a topic near and dear to me, but on any topic."


“I will never ever be able to thank you enough for the many ways you have changed my life for the better. Taking your Mindful Leader in January 2018 put me on a trajectory that I will always be grateful for. Your quarterly calls are something I look forward to always. When we can see you and hear your voice – it immediately sinks me into a calming state of mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you!”

Senior Manager, Deloitte


The Mindful Day

Practical Ways to Find Focus, Calm, and Joy from Morning to Evening

Ranked #1 on Amazon in Meditation

Ranked #2 on Washington Post Bestseller List

Mindful Magazine Top 3 Best Mindfulness Books

About PurposeBlue

We are pioneers in science-backed mindfulness-based emotional intelligence programs that build positive mindsets and adaptive skills so you can be self-aware, clear and lead from purpose. With our evidence-based virtual programs, a mindful leader can access a calm, clear center to make better decisions and take conscious, intentional action, especially under pressure and in an uncertain future.

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