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Me and The Trees Were One

Posted by Laurie J Cameron

"Me and The Trees Were One"

In Love With The World by Mingyur Rinpoche

As a drop of water placed in the ocean becomes indistinct, boundless, unrecognizable, and yet still exists, so my mind merged with space.

It was no longer a matter of me seeing trees, as I had become trees.

Me and trees were one.

Trees were not the object of awareness; they manifested awareness.

Stars were not the object of appreciation but appreciation itself.

No separate me loved the world. The world was love.
My perfect home.
Vast and intimate.

Every particle was alive with love, fluid, flowing, without barriers.

I was an alive particle, no interpretative mind, clarity beyond ideas.

Vibrant, energetic, all-seeing.

My awareness did not go toward anything, yet everything appeared—as an empty mirror both receives and reflects everything around it.

A flower appears in the empty mirror of the mind, and the mind accepts its presence without inviting or rejecting.

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