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Mark Coleman

Posted by Virginia Hilliard

Founder of the Mindfulness Institute, Mark Coleman has been facilitating mindfulness programs and retreats since 1997 around the world. Mark is a leading expert in mindfulness teaching and coaching and has worked with companies and organizations that include Google, Facebook, Proctor & Gamble, US Bank, Salesforce, Seagate, Ford, Gap, Gucci, the United Nations, and the Nature Conservancy. Mark, a senior teacher at Spirit Rock in Northern California, a world renowned mindfulness center, also developed the ‘Awake in the Wild’ program and leads mindfulness based nature immersions internationally.

Mark is a lead teacher at the Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute, developed at Google, delivering mindfulness and emotional intelligence programs to Fortune 500 companies. Mark is also well-known in online mindfulness arena. He co-developed programs for British Airways, The New York Times and for Whil, a specialist in online mindfulness training. Mark is a published author with two books on mindfulness. His second book has just been released: Make Peace With Your Mind: How Mindfulness and Compassion Can Help Free You from Your Inner Critic. He lives in Northern California.

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