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Mary Kate Cary

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"I retained Laurie Cameron / PurposeBlue as a leadership coach when I decided become the executive producer of a documentary film, something that was completely different than anything else I had ever done in my life.  Laurie worked with me to determine a strategy and plan to go from an idea to a fully funded, developed and produced documentary. She helped me formulate a plan to use cloud-based technology tools to organize and manage the entire project while traveling, and develop habits to stay on top of all of the pieces. We developed a stakeholder and communication plan to develop funding and sponsorship, and an execution plan to manage it all while traveling 40, 000 miles in three months interviewing and filming. The final piece was bringing the film to completion after negotiating the best way to distribute, license and broadcast the final event with multiple parties.

In less than a year, the film was completed on time and under budget, without any major drama — and working on it was a pleasure from start to finish.  The film will debut on CNN in a few weeks, and then be distributed to television networks globally. It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, this was only an idea on paper.

Laurie gave me the tools I needed to succeed, and her positive attitude gave me the confidence to try something new in an industry in which I never imagined I’d be working.  I can’t tell you how many women have told me it’s been inspiring for them to watch this film project go “from zero to sixty,” as one friend put it — and I send them all to Laurie.  I couldn’t have done it without her!"

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