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10 Ways Your Brain Reacts to Uncertain Times (Greater Good Science Center)

Posted by Laurie J Cameron

As we move into the winter season, uncertainty continues to be a part of everyday life. We are living in a VUCA world: Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous. But we are not defenseless against the uncertainty. With mindfulness we can strengthen our attention to remain in the present moment, see clearly and listen deeply to those we love. By focusing on the breath or the body you can access a calm center amidst the chaos.


My research team and I study people who regularly experience VUCA conditions as part of their jobs—soldiers, firefighters, organizational leaders, and more. We investigate the powers and vulnerabilities of the attention system, pinpoint the forces that degrade and weaken attention, and look for ways to protect and strengthen it... Continue reading the full article from Greater Good Science Center posted by Amishi Jha November 13, 2020. 


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