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Create a Home-Based Sacred Space

Posted by Laurie J Cameron

Creating a home-based sacred space: One of the most impactful ways I have found to re-center, calm my mind, nourish my heart and feel peace during the pandemic is to have a dedicated space to “retreat” to in my home. In the heart of the winter cold, months in the northern hemisphere, it can be a good time to intentionally create a sacred space for you and anyone in your home to use for spiritual connection.

Find a corner of a room or repurpose a room for wellbeing.

Declutter things that don’t bring you joy and support a serene, calm state of being.

Bring in simple objects of beauty, meaning and love. I like natural elements in my retreat-at-home space: stones, plants, and fresh flowers when I have them.

Have a few favorite books that deepen wisdom, mindfulness, well-being and awakening to joy. Set them nearby.

Keep a journal and pen in your space to capture the insights that arise for you when sitting here in peace, or make journaling part of your routine.

Let me know how your space evolves, and how it supports your sense of being grounded and connected. I am grateful that each morning when I wake up my space is ready for me to light a candle and enjoy meditation, do some journaling and set intentions for the day. Family and friends join me here for peaceful shared connection. This space will be where I will be leading our Spring mindfulness retreat on March 13th. Find out more here.

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