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How Being in Nature Can Spur Personal Growth (Greater Good Science Center)

Posted by Laurie J Cameron

Bundle up in cozy winter clothes and get outside. Spending time in nature, whether on a challenging hike or a leisurely walk through the woods, boosts well-being. Experiencing wonder or awe in nature increases both a sense of connection and positive emotions. I cherish my long walks through the woods, using all of my senses to savor the experience. What is your favorite way to spend time in nature? #wellbeing #nature #mindfulness


You might enjoy skiing or hiking. But do you feel at home in the mountains? Do you feel connected to the wilderness? According to a new study, that sense of being “home” in nature could be linked to your life satisfaction and personal growth, at least for young people. Another new study of older people finds that a connection to nature seems to make them happier and more willing to help others... continue reading the original article from Greater Good Science Center written by Teja Pattabhiraman on Sept. 23, 2020.

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