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Making Space for Presence

Posted by Laurie J Cameron

Yesterday afternoon a strong wind whipped our tall, old trees from side to side and I felt pulled to go outdoors and experience the dramatic summer rain. We had a full week of incredible downpours and powerful storms. I sat on the wooden porch with the rain falling on the roof overhead and hitting everything in sight: the high grass, leaves on the trees and the blooming azaleas. The dark blue gray of the stormy sky intensified the colors of bright green and the vivid pink. The steady sound of the drumming and the distinct smell of the rain woke up all of my senses and I inhaled deeply with wonder and gratitude for this moment. Two doorways to coming into the present were opened – being in nature and tuning in to the senses. My breathing deepened and slowed, my body relaxed, and I sat in the awe and appreciation.

After a few minutes I felt a familiar tug - isn’t there something I need to do right now? I always have lists - family and work tasks, and even contemplative practices like meditation or journaling. In calm spaces like this, my mind will often pop out ideas or reminders of something to do. This time I smiled and let the ideas go by. Tuning into the awe and beauty of the stunning rain was amplifying the joy in me, and allowing me to “Take in the Good” and to simply be and not do was honoring my commitment to make time to be fully alive. How can you make spaces to tune in to beauty and to simply be this week?

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