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Making Time for Transformation

Posted by Laurie J Cameron

I would love to live

Like a river flows,

Carried by the surprise

Of its own unfolding.

- John O’Donohue

The invitation in this beautiful metaphor is to allow transitions to illuminate who we are and who we are becoming, and to delight in the surprise along the way.

We are in a season of these turns – May and June are full of graduations – from pre-school to university. Many of us watched the royal wedding- a spectacular celebration of endings and new beginnings. We can live in the both/and… feeling sadness and gratitude for what we leave behind and openness, wonder and curiosity for what lies ahead. Weddings, graduations, births, deaths, job changes, project completions - they all provide a beacon to remind you to slow down and make space to look within.

Transition can be something you manage with a long list of to-dos, and it can also be a time of exploration and growth. Having just finished writing The Mindful Day, a two-year project of intense writing, research, introspection, re-writing, editing and launching, I find myself in a space of inquiry, mystery and expansion. I am in the “sharing it with the world” phase now, and living in the questions of “What’s next? What makes me feel most alive? Where can I give the most benefit to the most people?”

So that brings me to Seat 12A on a flight to Los Cabos. I will spend a week in the loving hands of two wise, spiritual women leaders, and other guides that will come in and out to light our path. We will be ten women that have said “yes” to a week of deep exploration of our inner terrain so we can reflect, practice, discover, make meaning, and invite clarity about who we are now and where we are in our journey. I love being able to relax and allow someone else to guide the process, to coach me along the way, and to see what happens with the ten of us together at the clear blue water’s edge.

Making Time

Time for stillness

Time for learning

Time for letting go

Time for inviting in.

Time for looking deeply

Time for asking what matters

Time for allowing truth to arise

Time for sensing interconnection

Time for doing what makes you feel alive

Time for practices that strengthen mind, heart and purpose.

- Laurie J. Cameron

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