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What’s Your Message?

Posted by Laurie J Cameron

What is one city block long and seven stories high? North America's largest digital billboard ever went live last week - running the whole street length between 45th and 46th streets in New York City. New York City just got brighter. With 24 million LED megapixels beaming bright light into Time Square, the interactive billboard is the one of the most expensive pieces of ad real estate in the world.

For $2.5 million dollars, you can broadcast your most important message on cutting edge, digital, high-resolution structure for four weeks. Which got me to thinking, if I had free access to this board, what would my message be to the world?

Now it is your turn. What would you post on a billboard that is 77 feet tall with 25,000 square feet of wow?

We are all walking our message on a daily basis. The choices we make, where we direct our investments in time and resources, the way we communicate in difficult conversations, whether we thoughtfully respond or automatically react, and how we show up at work and in life conveys a powerful message to everyone around us. It shapes our life, and our experience. It gets down to what we believe at our core - to what matters most in this one, wild and unpredictable life.

If we consider that life is an ongoing series of moments, it follows that how present, centered, and receptive we are for those moments determines our quality of life. On my Time Square billboard, I would share the idea that developing the capacity to be present to savor life, getting clear on your purpose, learning how to be free from fear and judgment, and living with openness and compassion, is the secret to results, joy and well-being. And well-being is the new productivity.

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